Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lianolia Manaki 250 ml bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lianolia Manaki 250 ml bottle

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1 l = 24.00 €

1 l = 24.00 €

The Corfiot Lianolia Olive has been grown on the island since Venetian times. The olives produce a mildy fruity olive oil.

Manaki olives only grow in a few areas in Greece, so our Manaki Olives has the origin in Nemea in the near of Corinth. The Olives produce a fruity oil.


Our sun-kissed olives are harvested with rakes from our olive groves.


First cold pressing. Keep in cool and dry place!



Olive variety Lianolia and Manaki
Origin Greece
Region Corfu - Nemea
Harvest 2018 / 2019
Harvesting method with racks
Storage keep in cool and dry place!
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