Olive soap

Olive soap


Sgouros Olive Oil Soap 


Manufactured by Ioannis Katapodis


Growing up in Valanio, a small, traditional village in the north of Corfu, one of Ioannis Katapodis first memories as a child was seeing whole families in their yards using “mastela”, large metallic containers, to produce olive oil soap without the use of any chemical additives. They used this soap for all types of cleaning around the house, from personal use to their laundry.


Years went by and companies were created that operate in the production of olive oil soap. A lot of these companies, unlike the traditional way, add salt to their soap.The addition of salt removes the glycerin that the soap naturally contains, makes it hard and strips it from its cosmetic properties.


We produce our soap traditionally and do not follow this practice of adding salt. The glycerin remains in our soap, making it a better quality and allowing it to retain its conditioning and nourishing properties.


Our soap is superior in many aspects. First of all, it is produced by a small, local producer, who has full control of all production stages. Furthermore, we use only fresh raw materials sourced from local producers. Supporting the local economy and ensuring the smallest possible ecological footprint.


As our soap is a completely natural product it is deemed necessary to use a good quality soap dish in order to ensure it dries out well after every use.







Soap Factory Patounis





In the early 19th century, Bazakis & Patounis from Kallarites, a mountain village in Epirus Greece, established a trade of woven capes to suppy the army of Napoleon III. With the money, soap was bought from Marseilles and sold in Greece.

Trough this commerce they learned how soap was made. In 1850 their first soap manufacture under the name "Bazakis & CO" was founded on the island of Zakynthos. According to available archives, this appears to be the oldest soap factory in Greece.

Their soap soon became renowned across Greece and beyond with the company experiencing great success. In 1891, at the peak of its operation, the business was expanded by building a second soap factory in Corfu. In the 1930´s the two families divided the operation. The Bazakis family stayed in Zakynthos, making soap until the 1970´s. The Patounis family setlled in Corfu, where they continue to make traditional soap in the original factory.

In the 1940´s Spyros Patounis the 4th generation member of the family, having studied chemical engineering, established a chemical laboratory for the quality control of their products. Since then the company has develped a scientific approach to its traditional practice.


From natural oils to pure soap


In our manufacture the soap is made totally by hand. We use the same method we always did and it is as follows:

The oil is heated in an open cauldron together with natrium hydroxide to attain saponification. The mixture is washed out with sea salt solutions.

After about ten days cooking, the soap is hand-scooped into soap trays where is left to cool and harden. It is then marked, stamped and cut: all by hand, Finally. the soap is placed on wooden racks where it stays for 4 months to dryy and mature.

After quality control the soap is ready for sale.


































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Olive Oil Soap - Sgouros - 95 g

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This soap is made from pure olive oil. It does not foam much and is very mild to skin. Ideal for facial use, sensitive skin and children.


Olive oil sapounified with sodium hydroxide, water

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