Luxury Chef´s in Corfu

Luxury Chef´s in Corfu



Antony has been a personal chef in corfu since 2016. Vasiliki is a professional private chef with over ten years of experience. In 2018 they founded the company Luxury Chefs in Corfu. The two prepare with lots of love, quality and their skills excellent dishes!


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Give yourself the affordable luxury of a personal cook in your holiday! 

Whether it´s your home, your rental villa, your vacation boat or a magic dinner out in the countryside, Luxury Chefs guarantee you the highest quality, materials, preparation, menu and presentation!


Luxury Chefs are useing our Sgouros Olive Oil! And that is what they say about our olive oil:


"Γιατι η μαγειρικη θελει ποιοτητα!!!!"

Translation: "Because you need quality for cooking!


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