Cost of production

Cost of production



Below you will find a list of the manufacturing costs of our olive oil:
The manufacturing costs of olive oil are determined by various factors:


  • location
  • area
  • harvesting method
  • amount
  • Tree type / olive tree
  • packaging
  • transport
  • ..........

On the slopes of the Pantokrator at Corfu it is not possible to reckon with the tractor. The olives have to be combed and shaken from the trees by hand with rakes and sticks. Afterwards, the olives must be picked by hand and carried in baskets to the oil mill.
Additional costs:

  • helpers
  • olive tree cut
  • olive grove care
  • .....

An average price of more than EUR 6.00 per liter is already calculated in the mill.
Added to this are costs for chemical analysis, filling, bottles or canisters, labels, transport, warehouse, tax consultancy, etc.
Our own services are not yet included in the price.
By the way, our olive trees bring forth a harvest only every two years!