Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality class of olive oil. It must not exceed 0.8 % of fatty acids



Before harvesting, we put out extensive nets underneath the olive trees. They catch the olives and make the collecting easier. 

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We rake the olives for our extra virgin olive oil from the trees with long sticks on which there are rakes fastened when they are still unripe or halfripe. To prepare the trees for the next harvest season they are cut back generously. The olives which grow on these branches are harvested with small hand rakes and put in the nets as well. Afterwards we collect the olives in baskets and transport them to the oil mill. 

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In the oil mill, we wash the olives and clean them from small twigs or leaves. The whole fruit gets grinded and minced into a soft paste. The pressing produces a mixure of olive oil and fruit water. In a centrifuge the oil gets separated from the water. In cold pressing, the temperature of the oil stays underneath 27°C so the heat-sensitive precious substances are obtained. 

The harvest yields can differ from year to year and vary by size of the tree or location. One Lianolia olive tree gives 10 to 50 kg of olives on average, which can be processed into 2 to 5 litres of oil.


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Until the bottling the olive oil is stored in big tanks of stainless steel. These ensure a cold and dark storing with a constant temperature. 



Before the bottling we send samples of the olive oil to a EU approved test laboratory (multichrom.lab) in Athens. There, the olive oil is tested for its quality class and possible pollutants. If the results are impeccable, we start with the bottling.

Here you can find the current analysis of the harvest 2015/2016. 



The bottling takes place in a certified bottling plant. 


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Text and pictures by Edda Kühne and Isabel Sgouros