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Sgourades was founded by the Sgouros family more than four hundred years ago. The place is situated on the southern slope of the Pantokrator massif at an altitude of 400 meters, surrounded by olive groves.
The houses, connected by narrow streets, rise steeply up the slope. Each family owns their
own olive groves, wine, fruit and vegetable gardens, which are mostly used for private consumption.
The main source of income for the villagers is tourism, but also the construction sector.
In addition to work, sociability plays an important role. Baptisms, weddings and Christian celebrations, such as the Holy Paraskevi, are often celebrated, with typical Corfiot dishes, wine, music and dance.

Spyridon, nicknamed Spiros, grew up in Sgourades. Already in his childhood he helped
with the work in the olive groves. At the age of ten, he planted together with his grandfather his first own olive trees. Today, these twenty-year-old trees bear typical, small fruits, the Lianolia Kerkyra Olive.

In 2006, Isabel and Spiros met in Corfu. Isabel, who comes from Bavaria,
had chosen her holiday destination at random. Half a year later, she mooved with bag and baggage to the island. In 2010 they presented themselves with a typical Greek wedding in the church of Sgourades. In the meantime, they have settled in the neighboring village Spartilas, the village Spiros mother is from.

The dream to become self-employed with an own company matured over years.
During a family stay in Bavaria in 2013, the idea was put into practice and the company Sgouros was founded.

Spiros and Isabel live with their three children alternately in Greece and Germany.


Text Edda Kühne