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About us


Our company Sgouros 





Spiros Sgouros - Managing Director
Spiros takes on all the tasks that arise in Corfu. These includes the care of the olive groves, the harvest, the pressing of the olives in the oil mill, the analysis, the storage, the certified bottling and the organization of the transport to Kolbermoor. 
Isabel Sgouros and Edda Kühne
Isabel and her mother Edda are responsible for the distribution of the Sgouros products. Furthermore they are visiting the markets in the region of Bavaria. Both are in charge of the advertising, the office work and the website.
Panagiotis Sgouros

Who is taking care about the olive groves when Spiros and Isabel are in Germany?

It´s Spiros father, Panagiotis.













Family Sgouros at the olive harvest

The whole family helps with the harvest of the olives!

These are: Spiros, Isabel, Angeliki, Panagiotis, Grandma Agni, Grandpa Spiros, Grandpa Stamatis, Aunt Niki, Uncle Odysseas and cousins

Also from Germany we are supported by Isabel's family during the harvest:
Isabel's mother Edda, cousins Annabell and Lulu